One of Broadway’s strengths is its collaboration with 100’s of schools, business, universities, faith and community groups. This was highlighted in July 2014 when we were inspected as a Centre of Excellence for Community Engagement. The assessor for the Inclusion Quality Mark in 7th July 2014 stated in the report: 


‘From the outset of the visit, as exemplified by the Head teacher’s personal interest and investment, the importance of the strong network of community partnerships shone through. Of special note was the mutual respect and support demonstrated by a number of partner faith leaders. The community is understood and its diversity celebrated. Such close working, both on and off site, is acknowledged as being of significant help for the students and their families… The investment made by the academy in leading and supporting purposeful networks characterises the appreciation of Broadway Academy as a Centre of Excellence. The Head teacher is widely respected. The success for everyone involved in the life of the academy energetically ripples out into its community and is considered to matter.’

Selina Westwood and Joe Mc Cann  7.7.14