Thought for the week

Students are working very hard to prepare themselves for exams – they have stayed behind most evenings for revision; they have also been in school at weekends and during the holidays. We hope and pray that the students will achieve very good results this summer. This term, we have planned a whole-school sports day at Hadley Stadium, trips to many places across the UK and abroad and more students than ever are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, they are walking and camping in the countryside as part of their expedition. Our partnership with Atlantic College has been flourishing for many years with many students reaping the rewards of a wonderful and fruitful ongoing link between the two institutions. We have selected a fourth girl, Aklima K, another delightful Year 11 girl, for a two year scholarship at Atlantic College. Aklima personifies the Broadway motto: ‘Believe it can be done…’

I am delighted with the progress we are making on all fronts. Teaching and learning is changing to meet the demands of the new exams. We need our students to be better independent learners – where they learn the course content at home and prepare for the lessons by reading around the subject. We have been working hard to improve attendance and punctuality, a key aspect of behaviour, it is the best it has ever been (thank you parents). As a result of the work on values (more recently an emphasis on British Values) over many years at Broadway, many people tell me how behaviour has also improved in the community. It is only by working in partnership with parents and the community that we can ensure that Broadway goes from strength to strength. Thank you for your feedback through the hundreds of questionnaires that you have filled in this year which have been overwhelmingly positive – I will put the results on the school website.

Last year, I was driving to work when I got stuck in a traffic jam on the M5. A van in front had a pertinent quote written on it that has stayed with me

‘The road to success is always under construction.’

We are all very proud of Broadway Academy and our achievements, yet there is always room for further improvement, we never rest on our laurels at Broadway. Despite challenges in funding and changes to exams, we will always do our very best to ensure that every Broadway student leaves us grounded in our values (British Values), with the ability to keep themselves safe, having excellent qualifications and the skills, virtues and character to persevere – to always make the right decision even if it’s not always popular!