Quantifying improvements

The Governors of the Academy have recently achieved the gold standard mark for governance(GAP Award) this evidences that it is well trained and fully committed to the Academy, its values, vision and policies. It also achieved a grade 1 rating in the Inclusion Mark Inspection. The Governors  Head teacher, senior team and leadership throughout the Academy are  exceptional in their ability to hold each other to account, support each other to quantify improvements and plan for further improvement. A recent internal review (December 2014) by an Ofsted team stated :-


  • The governing body is highly effective and ambitious for the school. Governors come from a range of backgrounds within education, business, the police service, former armed services and other professions and disciplines. There is also a balance of parents from the community. Governors bring a wide set of skills and experience and are closely involved in the work and direction of the school. They are keenly aware of the strategic role they play and are very well-briefed in terms of their appreciation of the quality of education being offered by the academy. 
  • Their awareness of school performance is high. They are very able to comment on strengths and any few remaining areas for improvement including the achievement of groups of students for example. They use a range of activities to monitor the school’s work including visits, reports, discussions with students, questioning leaders and direct access to the Management Console system.
  • Governors are well-trained in a number of statistical areas including RAISE online.
  • Evidence from minutes of the governing body clearly shows it challenges as well as supports the school’s leaders.

Governors are well aware of potential risks from extremism within the context of a school working in the United Kingdom. They look closely at the content of the curriculum, the coverage of a range of faiths in the RE curriculum and the vetting of outside speakers and visitors to the Academy.

The report goes on to say:

  • The quality of leadership development is exceptional. The academy is growing its capacity extremely well by a programme of internal recruitment and induction into leadership skills which leads to a pathway of responsibility, research and accountability for every member of staff involved. A philosophy for high quality leadership is communicated to all leaders and a highly effective coaching and development approach is adopted. There is an uncompromising but supportive insistence that all leaders involved will go on to apply theory to practice in their work around the improvement plan and mission of the academy. As a result, the quality of professional development of leaders and succession planning into the future are both outstanding.