New initiatives

Broadway Academy has been at the forefront of innovation: we have a ground breaking Leadership Console which was said by a lead Ofsted Inspector to be one of the most effective Leadership and Management systems he had ever seen. With the increased freedoms given as an Academy, we have submitted a bid to the DFE to open a Free School in partnership with the Church of England. We are also working closely with the Businesses and the Birmingham chamber of Commerce. In a recent press release (December 2014), Jerry Blackett, chief executive of the Greater Birmingham Chambers, explains the bid…Broadway Chamber Academy could become the first school to be run out of a Chamber of Commerce. 

 Our decision has also been encouraged by the confidence we have in Broadway Academy. At a time when the national media (post Trojan Horse) would leave you worried that Birmingham’s schools are broken, it’s very important to remember the numerous examples of excellence we have in our city. We believe the evidence shows Broadway is indeed one of our shining stars and that between us; our partnership can put Birmingham schools in the headlines for all the right reasons