Letter to all parents

17th October 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian

Thank you for all your support this term.  I am delighted with the vast majority of our students; with their behaviour, effort and participation in extra-curricular, sporting activities, as well as trips.  All of these extra-curricular activities help our young people to flourish and succeed in life.

We have had a strong drive this term to improve the quality and the amount of homework that is being done by all of our students.  Attendance is improving – every day counts!

It is only by working with you (parents) that we ensure that all students realise and achieve their full potential, are happy and flourish as human beings.


A few reminders about school uniform below, as over time we can sometimes let standards slip!

  • Girls should not wear any make up to school. If they have a medical issue or a skin complaint that requires a small amount of concealer then they should come with a note from their parents.
  • All students should bring a black school bag (not a pouch) to school every day with their equipment in it.
  • Mobile phones should never be on view in school. Mobile phones should be switched off and placed in the bottom of a bag or a blazer pocket. Headphones or similar devices are not allowed.
  • Blazers must be worn and trousers should be modest and appropriate for school.
  • Traditional black school shoes should be worn; trainers or very casual shoes are unacceptable.
  • Haircuts should be modest for both boys and girls. Any extreme haircuts or styles will not be accepted.
  • Coats should not be worn in the building.

Please ensure that we keep the very highest standards of conduct and uniform at Broadway for all students. If you do have difficulty purchasing an item of uniform, please let me know.

Sixth Form expectations

  • Sixth form students should wear smart business dress at all times, no hoodies to be brought to school (please see dress code for details).
  • Students are expected to complete 5 hours of independent study for each level 3 course they are studying; at least 5 hours should be completed during private study time or supervised study time in the academy.
  • Mobile phones should only be used in the common room.
  • Sixth form should act as the gold standard for behaviour at all times around the academy and role models for the rest of the school.
  • Parent reports

    Please note that we are changing the content of the interim reports.

    From now on all pupils and students will be given a target grade, a predicted grade and an effort grade.

    Target Grade: this is derived from your child’s key stage 2 assessment and will normally remain fixed.

    Final Predicted Grade: this is based on your child’s academic performance at any given time. It will be derived from the professional judgment of the subject teacher and based on test results, class work, homework and attendance. It is likely to go up and down depending on how well your child is doing. The predicted grade is a prediction of the grade your child is likely to get at the end of Year 11 if they continue to work at the level given. If your child’s work level increases or decreases then the predicted grade will increase or decrease also.

    Effort Grade: this will be given for each subject your child is taking.

    Information on your child’s attendance, behaviour and character development will also be given as part of the report.

    I would like to remind you that students will break up for the half term holiday at 3.05pm on Friday 21st October and return to school at 8.40am on Monday 31st October.

    Year 11, 12 and 13 students have mock exams after half term so I would expect them all to be spending the majority of their time revising over the holiday. Completing exam papers, going over difficult topics and using revision notes and guides will yield excellent results.

    May I take this opportunity to wish all students and parents an enjoyable half term break.

    Yours faithfully

    Mr Skelton




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