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Strategic Vision 2013-2019

This section outlines where the school should be in six years’ time (i.e. after two, three year planning cycles). The statements represent broad intentions that will guide the structure of planning.

Strategic Vision

What do we need to do to ensure that we achieve our vision

A school with collective values that responds well to change and is proactively inclusive:


  • Respond to the proposed education reforms to the greatest benefit of the students
  • Implement and develop an excellent curriculum
  • Invest in staff and look for and exploit all opportunities for partnership with external and internal organisations
  • Keep recruitment and retention of excellent staff a priority whilst maintaining staff cost below 80% of total budget
  • Further embed the Broadway ethos, mission statement and values
  • To further embed British Values. Maintain Broadway as a centre of excellence for community cohesion. Achieve the Inclusion mark flagship status for our work on communities against extremism.

A school where the quality of Learning and Teaching is outstanding:

  • Develop the pedagogy of all teachers to encompass cutting edge philosophies and practices
  • Promote risk-taking through appropriate CPD and ensure teaching is outstanding at Broadway
  • Further develop the coaching model
  • Increase monitoring of Learning and Teaching through SLT, MLT, governors and external reviews; intervene quickly to support and challenge underperformance
  • Further develop action research projects to encourage application of new strategies in Learning and Teaching to raise standards
  • Embed Masters level and TLA accreditation
  • Create independent/autonomous learners and high levels of literacy across all year groups
  • Further develop excellence and innovation in Learning and Teaching

Leadership and Management is highly developed across all levels of the organisation:

  • To fully embed sustainable and real relationships with Higher Education, Commerce and Industry
  • To fully develop the Academy’s business processes and ensure we are financially well managed
  • To maintain a healthy budget surplus
  • Continue to review leadership and management structures
  • To further exploit student leadership potential
  • To continue to build leadership Capacity across all areas of the Academy
  • Student attainment and progress is consistently outstanding
  • Continue to lead locally and nationally on aspects of outstanding practice at Broadway
  • Further develop leadership and management opportunities across the school
  • Increase accountability and develop excellent performance management systems
  • Become known nationally and internationally as a school of excellence for leadership
  • Research and plan for expansion opportunities for Broadway Academy

A school with a culture of individual and collective achievement where deprivation is never a barrier to success.

  • To further develop and refine the study skills of all our students
  • Students continue to exceed their potential in English , Maths and all other areas of the curriculum
  • To further reduce in-house variation between directorates
  • To further develop the culture of homework across the Academy
  • To further understand the home circumstances of our students and improve further opportunities for learning
  • To further raise aspirations of students, parents and the community
  • Continue to meet the curriculum needs of all students in all curriculum areas
  • Continue to ensure intervention happens early at every level
  • Celebrate the cultures of the various ethnic groups within the school and have a deep understanding and tolerance of other faiths and cultures and disseminate this practice across other schools in the City
  • Become national leaders and ambassadors for inter-faith

A school that is outward facing with excellent engagement with parents and the local and wider community:

  • Broadway to become the destination of choice for all our 16+ students
  • Expand the opportunities for vocational and academic options for all of our 16+ students
  • Develop as a school that is outward facing with excellent engagement with parents, business and the local and wider community
  • Further develop ways to engage the parents at every opportunity
  • Further develop relationships with a wide range of business and community groups
  • Become national leaders in community cohesion
  • To become national leaders in professional development initiatives
  • Further develop initiatives to involve Governors, parents and the community in the life of the school
  • Broadway continues to be the focal point for the community and business

A school with a culture of continuous self-review:

  • Self-review continues to be an integral characteristic of the work of all staff and directorates
  • All staff have the necessary level of expertise to interpret data relevant to their role
  • Data continues to be used to inform pedagogy and student curriculum choices
  • The school self-review process to involve further student and parental contributions
  • Quality of Learning and Teaching continues to be systematically reviewed and evaluated
  • All staff, students and parents take further ownership of student progress

An inclusive school with a culture of staff development:

  • Further develop and expand the range of professional development opportunities available to all staff
  • Develop further induction programmes for staff who join the school or take on a new role
  • Continue to link all professional development to strategic aims and performance management
  • The school to achieve the Gold standard Investors in People accreditation
  • To further disseminate good practice locally and nationally

A school with a transformational education agenda and outstanding facilities for students,  parents and the community:

  • Ensure all teaching rooms are equipped to the highest standard
  • Ensure all staff have the appropriate skills to fully access and exploit ICT to maintain outstanding ICT in Broadway
  • Fully exploit ICT opportunities to engage with parents and the wider school community
  • Ensure ICT is integral to all curriculum delivery
  • To further develop the Community Centre to address the needs of the students and wider community
  • To further engage with businesses and other organisations to maximise funding streams and opportunities for the Academy and the community
  • To further develop an ICT infrastructure and a virtual learning agreement to encourage independent learners


A school that has a highly developed and effective governance system:


School governors

All governors have an understanding of the three key roles of governance

a. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

b. Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and

c. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. (See link below).

  • Governors:
  • Have a good understanding of school policies, including the new appraisal system  in order to challenge the Head teacher and Senior Staff effectively
  • Have a deep understanding of the quality of teaching across the Academy
  • Monitor learning and teaching quality through ‘behaviour walks’ and lesson observation data
  • Challenge and monitor the budget and pupil premium and challenge the Head teacher and Senior Leaders about how money is spent
  • Monitor behaviour trends
  • Monitor and challenge all income generation plans
  • Monitor the use of the pupil premium
  • Challenge and monitor the Strategic Plan and Strategic Vision
  • Undertake further governance accreditation and training to ensure governors have the necessary skills to fully support the Academy
  • Challenge and monitor behaviour and safeguarding procedures
  • Undertake regular reviews of governance to ensure we are fit for purpose