Broadway Values

Broadway is a very successful Academy with an inclusive ‘can do’ attitude which supports all young people and staff in achieving their ambitions. This is captured in our motto: “Our Children, Our Community, Believe it can be done!” Whilst we want our children to succeed, we also want them to be happy, to thrive, to enjoy coming to school and to participate fully in all that we have to offer, both in lessons and in the wider curriculum. Our values of: Integrity, Respect, Optimism, Responsibility, Appreciation, Aspiration, Generosity and Inclusivity underpin all that we do. Staff should be excellent role models for students in their appearance, in what they say and how they live the Academy values.

Mr Skelton spoke at a Fringe meeting at the 2014 Conservative Party Conference, on the subject of British Values:

He also recently gave an assembly on British Values to the whole school:

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Broadway Values 2015

Broadway Academy is now working nationally on the interrelated issues of British Values, School Values and Communities against Extremism.

Broadway Value Report Card:


At Broadway Academy we ensure that all students have a good understanding of the values through weekly values sessions in form time and regular assembly’s.

This year we have taken our values education a step further and introduced the values report card.
The rationale behind this is that it will help embed the school’s values further whilst making pupils’ adherence to the school values measurable.

For many of our students the values can seem abstract, so by putting them into a list of quantifiable behaviours this may make them more concrete. It will also open up a different type of dialogue with the students. Most of our students uphold the values of the school but for those that don’t this provides an alternative way of discussing behaviour and success.


• Open up a dialogue between students, teachers and parents about school values system.

• Increase understanding of the values by making them clear and measurable.

• Communicate with parents what scoring high or low on a particular value means with regard to their child.

• Embed the values in the language of the school.

• Improve behaviour through increased engagement with school values system.

In action

• Students will complete a self-assessment in September – they will then be able to compare their self-assessment with their teachers’ assessment.

• Student will be assessed twice yearly by all staff and gain an average grade.

• This will link in with the new assessment cycle with the first teacher assessment being in October and the last occurring during the final assessment cycle.

• Parents will receive the values report at the end of the academic year.