Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care looks after the moral, social, emotional and spiritual development of our pupils.

At Broadway Academy we believe that the sense of one’s identity as an individual, and as part of society, is developed throughout the period of the pupils’ Secondary education, Guidance is provided not only from teaching staff but also from a strong student support structure across the school.

There are tutor groups within each year group, led by a Student Support Manager who is responsible for the personal and academic development of the pupils in his/her care. Form tutors see their pupil groups every day and are best placed to build supportive relationships with the pupils in their care. Broadway Academy’s pastoral structure ensures that the pupils can learn and the teachers can teach. We provide a caring, respectful environment in which pupils can flourish.

We pride ourselves on being a caring school and value open working partnerships with the parents/carers of our pupils. We believe that two way communication is the key to this relationship and encourage the involvement of parents/carers involvement at all the stages of their child’s education.