Broadway Academy is committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the children entrusted into our care.We recognise that some children may be the victims of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

Everyone working within the Academy is CRB checked and all visitors are given information about our safeguarding policy.

If anyone has concerns that a child is being harmed, is at risk of harm or receives disclosure (intentionally or unintentionally) of any such harm, you must contact the following members of staff as quickly as possible:

   Mrs S Chagger

      Mrs N Bailey   

      Mr M Thompson

      Mr D Chauhan

If the person is not available please contact reception and ask for:

Head Teacher: Mr R Skelton

Broadway Academy aims to provide a high quality information, advice and guidance service which will enable staff, students, employers and enquirers to make informed choices about the ways in which Broadway Academy can meet their individual learning, training and development needs.

Copies of our Safeguarding and IAG policy, along with our other policies can be found on the website here
or alternatively email

CEOP’s ‘Back to School’ Campaign

As part of CEOP’s ‘Back to School’ campaign, we are looking to engage parents and carers to become more involved in protecting their children online. The attached letter has been designed by CEOPs to be sent out to parents to promote positive steps they can adopt to help safeguard their child.CEOP Back to School Letter.pdf

ClickCEOP Facebook app

There has been an excellent response since the launch of the ClickCEOP app on Facebook. The key stats since its launch in July 2010:

  • 55,000+ downloads of the ClickCEOP app – giving users a direct link to advice, help and the ability to report a problem to CEOP.
  • 20,000+ people receiving regular online safety updates in Facebook
  • 5,000+ people have accessed the ClickCEOP help, advice and support centre via the new app

The application – which comes in three parts; ‘adding the app’, ‘sharing the badge’ and ‘bookmarking to app’, enables the user to access to the app, share it with their friends and places a visible icon of the app so that their friends – and others viewing their profile – can see they are protected online.

To date, there have been three CEOP Facebook clinics, where members of the public can ask CEOP advisors questions and get advice on a range of internet safety issues. The clinic dates and times are publicised through the ClickCEOP app, so download the app to receive reminders of the next clinic.

Click here for the CEOP Facebook app.

Childnet “Know IT All” Website

The Childnet “Know IT All” website is designed to help educate parents, teachers and young people about safe and positive use of the internet. There is a Parents section of the website that contains translations into Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Arabic, Gujarati, Polish and Mandarin.


Attendance at Broadway is very good.We believe strongly in the link between good attendance and doing well at Academy.

We do everything we can to ensure every child on our roll is supported and encouraged to attend regularly so that they can maximise their school aston birminghamWe have an advanced tracking system for monitoring the attendance of all pupils. Good attendance is suitably rewarded and pupils with attendance issues are highlighted and dealt with at an early stage. In addition to form teachers a whole host of other staff support attendance including an Assistant Headteacher, Attendance Administrators, Student Support Managers, Student Support Assistants, Outreach Workers and an Education Social Worker.

Academy Policies

The Governing Body follows the Local Authority guidance on charges and remissions, which is available to parents on request. The Academy does not have insurance which protects you or your property from loss or damage. Parents are asked not to allow valuables or attractive items to be brought to the Academy. We can advise on mattes such as personal and property insurance if parents wish. The Academy accepts no liability for loss or damage to private property or belongings in the school buildings or grounds.


There are occasions during the Academic year when the Academy wishes to take photographs or make a video/media recording of your child or children taking part in a academy activity. Occasionally we 250112-066are asked by the press and media if they can include our students in stories about the academy and programmes including the academy. We also like to display photographs of our students‚ success and work around the school, in brochures and within the school prospectus. Broadway school will ensure that photographs and images of children are taken in such a way as to protect the personal integrity of each child and the ethos of the school.


Homework is compulsory. There is a timetable for all years. Students are issued with a Student Planner. The co-operation and encouragement of parents in checking that the work is done consistently is extremely important. In the first 2 years, homework should occupy no more than 1 hour each evening. In years 9 and 10, 1- 1 ½ hours maximum is recommended.In year 10 this may vary according to the choice of courses for which your child has opted. In year 11 and the 6th form, students should be prepared to devote a large proportion of their spare time to the acquisition of the qualifications necessary for their future career progression.


As there is currently no provision for cycles, students are not permitted, in their own interests, to bring them to academy. Provision will be made available in the future as part of the new build process however.


If a student is taken ill or has an accident at academy, it may be necessary to contact the parent/guardian at home or in the work place. Parents/guardians are therefore asked to fill in a form stating the address or telephone number of where they can be contacted during the day and also the contact number of a friend or relative who could be responsible is the main carer is not available.


Since Broadway pupils come from a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, the Governors, parents and staff were successful in seeking a determination which removes the requirements for the students to attend broadly Christian Acts of Worship.The presentation and content of Assemblies reflects the various faith backgrounds of the students in the academy and supports the multi-cultural, anti-racial and equal opportunities policies of the academy and the Local Authority

Assemblies will provide students with important opportunities to promote whole academy identity, share values and unity, helping them to recognise their part in the whole academy community. In the event that you do not wish your child to participate in assemblies or religious education provision please contact the Headteacher.

Sex and Relationships Education

The Governing body has a policy on sex and relationships education that is available to parents on request.

Discipline and Behaviour

The academy demands a high standard of behaviour from all students (see the student planner). As a caring community the academy expects consideration and concern for others to be shown at all times. Each student is responsible for his or her own actions and for the consequences of those actions. Parents will be involved immediately if there are serious problems.The Behaviour for Success policy and procedures are included in the student planner. In addition, all students will receive a Home School Agreement at the beginning of the academic year (or when the child joins the school). That document explains school expectations, pupil responsibilities and contains and the parental/ guardian agreement to be signed and returned.

Should you require it, a paper copy of any of the information contained within this website is available free of charge to any parent.  Requests should be made to the relevant SSM, details can be found on our Contact Us page.