Healthy Meals at Broadway

Our menus are designed to offer choice, take into consideration vegetarian, cultural and religious dietary requirements and meet the requirements of the Government’s food-based and nutrient-based standards for school lunches.

Taylor Shaw are Broadways partners for providing our fantastic school meals.  They are a catering company with over 20 years experience providing high quality catering services to both state and public schools nationwide.


Our menus and offers will be displayed here shortly.

Did You Know?
Broadway has been operating a bio-metric cashless catering system since 2006.  By doing so it:-
Removes or reduces the need for pupils to carry cash
The pupil’s account can be credited by a parent by cash, cheque or directly to the school or by the pupil at a remote wall mounted revaluation unit. The option for the parent/guardian to pay directly to the school ensures the money is spent in school and not elsewhere.

Removes the opportunity for bullying and improves pupil welfare.

The biometric system  means that the account hold no monetary value and the pupil either does not carry cash or less frequently, resulting in the opportunity for bullying being reduced.

Removes the ‘free school meal’ stigma.
Pupils entitled to a ‘free school meal’ allowance has an account like all the paying pupils so the stigma is removed. The ‘free school meal’ allowance is automatically allocated by the biometric system on a daily basis. Unused meal allowance is removed daily and does not accumulate as a balance on the pupils account.

Encourages Healthy Eating
The school will shortly be running a reward scheme to celebrate the student who picks the healthiest food within each year group.
Payments can be made via our Parent Pay system – Click the logo below for details :-















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