End of Term Letter

11th July 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

We are approaching the end of a very busy and successful year at Broadway. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our students, parents and the community for all the hard work they have put in during the past year.  Well Done!

Please note that on Tuesday 25th July 2017, pupils will be dismissed from Broadway at 12.00pm to start their summer Holidays.

Expectations regarding students’ school equipment and uniform

At Broadway Academy we are committed to helping our students achieve the best possible exam results and also to build their self-reliance and independence for later in life. An important element in achieving this is ensuring that all students come to school with the correct equipment and the vast majority succeed in doing this. At a time when you may be considering replacing items of equipment/uniform, we want to remind you of the requirements.


  •  Students are bringing a suitable bag/ruck-sack to school on a daily basis to take responsibility for their school equipment
  •  Students have a properly stocked pencil case and their school planner in each lesson. The pencil case should have minimum equipment comprising of two pens, a pencil, ruler, rubber and sharpener
  •  Students have the correct uniform

We would ask families to support this by discussing it with your son/daughter

  •  Make sure they have an appropriate school bag for their books
  •  Develop a routine at home where the bag is packed the night before
  •  Make sure they have the properly stocked pencil case
  •  Ensure they have the correct uniform that follows the Academy’s dress code

We would like to thank all those parents who are actively involved in assisting students with their organisation, school equipment and standards of uniform.

To support the equipment checks, the school will

  • Make pencil cases, with minimum requirement, available at our student reception window for £1
  • Provide personalised support to students who need help with organisation
  • Form tutors and their SSM/SSA will check every morning that the basic requirements regarding equipment are met
  • Implement sanctions for students who cannot meet this basic requirement for schooling

Please see Broadway Academy uniform expectations .

Whilst these measures may seem small they will go a long way to help build student self-reliance, responsibility and organisation. It will also promote continued opportunities for families to be actively involved in their children’s learning.

The order of the academy day will slightly change from September 2017, in order for our students to achieve the best outcomes.  Please see overleaf.

For your information the dates and times of our start in September are as follows:

Wednesday 6th September Year 7, 11 and 12 – 8.40am start

Thursday 7th September Years 7 – 13 – 8.40am start

                                                                        (Year 12 students will be attending Aston University)

Thank you for your ongoing support. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy summer holiday.

Yours faithfully

Mr Skelton


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